InstaForex affiliate program review

instaforex affiliate program not recommended problem

InstaForex broker has been in the Forex business since 2007 and nowadays has 260 offices all over the world. According to them, they have more than 2,000,000 traders and more than 1,000 new clients open accounts every day. Surprisingly, we have not found any information about their regulator. Our investigation shows that Instaforex operates as an non-regulated broker and their headquarter is located in Kaliningrad, Russia.

InstaForex also states they are an official partner of FC Liverpool footbal club. However, this is the list of official FC Liverpool partners and we have not found InstaForex among them. They were official partner of the club in the season 2015/2016 and are still using the old banners.

InstaForex affiliate program

InstaForex offers one of the most interesting affiliate programs. Their promotional tools contain banners, leaflets, calendars, certificates, educational materials, ready-to-use websites for webmasters etc. They also offer one of the most interesting bonuses, rewards, competitions etc.

As the broker states: “Becoming an InstaForex partner you get ready-made website, 24-hour access to the partner’s statistics and completed educational and advertising materials.”

If you wan to become their partner, you can choose from 11 cooperation types. Moreover, during the cooperation the partner is allowed to change the type of partnership program. The types of IFX partnership vary in the way of attracting new clients. At the beginning, the standard affiliate commission is the same and equals to 1.5 pips per a trade of every referred client.

Types of partnership with InstaForex

Introducing broker: The top level of partnership is InstaForex Introducing Broker in a certain city or region. Information about the partner is placed on InstaForex official website. It also allows getting additional profit from rendering InstaForex services in your region. The reward is usually calculated on the basis of the company’s turnover in a certain region.

Webmaster: This partnership is what we know as Affiliate program for webmasters. If you have your own website, you can get a substantial income from it. You will receive an InstaForex affiliate link and banners to either place them on your website or use them on the internet.

Blogger: You can simply insert a link in your blog and attract new customers to InstaForex. As they trade, you will receive from 1.5 to 5.3 points from each of their trades. InstaForex affiliate program will enrich your content with banners, RSS feeds, and Forex information.

Trader-partner: The project has been created to enable traders to make profit by recommending InstaForex to their friends or any other people they know. The pips vary from 1.5 – 5.3 for each trade. InstaForex also offers 0.2 pip commission from sub-partners clients’ trades.

Cost per action (CPA): CPA project is suitable for webmasters, SEO specialists, and online marketers, i.e. those who do not need a deep knowledge of the Forex industry. The CPA partners receive a one-time commission for each new active trader referred. The commission level depends on the amount of the first-time deposit only.

Educational project: This partnership is focused on education and training of beginners. By cooperating with the broker, you receive the official status of a licensed InstaForex training centre. Your earnings are from trades made by customers of your training centre.

Investment project: This partnership is suitable for you if you run a project attracting investments to Forex. You can earn on the spreads and turnover of your investment project within InstaForex.

Funds security: Segregated accounts in InstaForex let hold trading operations with a deposit which is kept on a client’s bank account or on InstaForex Partner’s bank account.

Exchanger: This partnership is specialized in online currencies exchange on the internet. Besides earning profit from depositing and withdrawal using InstaForex trading accounts, an Exchanger can get commissions from every deal of every attracted client.

VPS hosting: Having registered with this project, partners owning dedicated servers can have them licensed by InstaForex broker. So the VPS company can provide hosting services generating additional profit in the form of the affiliate commission.

Forex signal provider: The ForexCopy system allows followers to copy trades of a certain trader. Every follower can adjust the system by selecting the instruments to copy and the ratio. The sellers of Forex signals will get profit by placing marketing materials on their web resource and referring their clients.

Advisors seller: If you provide Forex expert advisors, you may get extra profit by signing up for the InstaForex Advisors seller project. You need to become a participant of the Advisors Seller affiliate program and get an access to marketing tools and materials for their further placement on your website.

InstaForex affiliate program warning

In recent years there has been raising number of very negative reviews of InstaForex broker. FPA nowadays marks this broker as a SCAM company. You can read about some of the problems and complaints here. As Instaforex is not a regulated company, there is no regulator that can investigate the complaints and gives a final decision or a fine.

Taking into account all the available information, complaints and persistent problems, we have no other option just advise you against doing any business with InstaForex broker. Believe us, we would be glad to use such nice promotional tools and earn such great commissions of up to 5.3 points per every trade of our referral. However, the most important thing for us is to be honest in our review and rating, so:

Our conclusion: NOT RECOMMENDED program

Do you have any positive or negative experience with InstaForex affiliate program? Do you have any compliments or complaints? Let us know in the comments below and rate the broker.


Quality and reputation


Terms and registration


Promotional materials


Tracking and statistics


Payments and reliability



  • A lot of promotional materials and banners
  • Fancy website
  • Promotions, bonuses, rewards


  • Very bad reviews by their customers
  • NOT regulated broker
  • NOT recommended broker