EasyMarkets affiliate program review

easymarkets affiliate program recommended

EasyMarkets has been operating in the business since 2003 (the company has changed the name from easy-Forex to easyMarkets in 2016). EasyMarkets broker is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The Australian Financial Service (AFS) license (No. 246566) enables the company to act as a market maker, dealer and provider of general advice in the derivative market. And, of course, they also have an easyMarkets affiliate program.

The broker is looking for partners like: affiliates, introducing brokers, online marketers, agents, website owners, referrers, web publishers. So as you might notice, they distinguish between easyMarkets affiliate and Introducing broker – the differences are mostly in the payment structure.

EasyMarkets Affiliate program

They state: “As an easyMarkets affiliate we work in partnership with you to promote easyMarkets. In return we reward you for each new trader introduced. There are many ways to promote us. It can be tailored to your existing business or you can build your business with our assistance. Promotion can be through your high-traffic website, blog or Facebook page or through personal referrals. There are many ways to market online and offline.”

As an online easyMarkets affiliate you receive a unique tracking code (link) that you can embed on your website or use on your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). This allows you to automatically get credit for any account openings and trading volume that originated from your traffic. In addition, you can see from your affiliate account how many visitors you have sent to easyMarkets. One of the most interesting promotional tools is this IFRAME code that can be embeded within your site. Your visitors can register for easyMarkets trading account even without leaving your website.

If you hesitate which of the programs would better suit your needs, easyMarkets helps you to decide whether you are more Affiliate or Introducing broker. As for easyMarkets affiliate program it applies that the referrers:

  • Rarely meet clients
  • Are mostly website/forum/blog owners
  • Email marketers, database owners
  • Social media masters
  • Digital traffic/advertising gurus

EasyMarkets Introducing Broker

As an easyMarkets Introducing Broker you make use of your own personal networks to recommend and introduce traders to easyMarkets. There are more ways to operate as an easyMarkets Introducing broker. The level of contact with your referred traders depends entirely on you. You could either benefit from a single large deposit or one high-turnover referred trader, or through a number of smaller traders that generate income on an ongoing basis.

On the other side, Introducing brokers shall mentor their clients of easyMarkets documentation requirements or KYC questions. From time to time easyMarkets can require of agent to set up seminars in their particular areas to educate their clients for the purpose of retention. So, compared to easyMarkets affiliate program, Introducing brokers are/do more:

  • Meet clients in person
  • Niche influencer groups
  • Are trainers on seminars or university educators
  • Organize events and are trade leaders
  • Authorised/licensed financial advisors

Clients and their trading with easyForex

The referred clients can trade over 136 spot currency pairs, 48 FX forwards, 57 currencies crossed with metals, 5 metals, 6 energy and 7 agricultural commodities, 16 equity indices and 58 vanilla option pairs. You can refer your visitors (future easyMarkets clients) e.g. to getting started trading website. Nice landing page. Moreover, your visitors could be probably attracted by bonuses, educational resources or by easyMarkets demo account.

Trading is made through mobile, web or desktop platforms (they use easyMarkets platform and MT4). The client can open a position for as little as 25 USD. EasyMarkets acts as a market maker so it makes money from the spreads that are embedded in the currency rates – i.e. client does not pay direct commissions for his trades. The broker guarantees no slippage on stop loss orders, no widening of spreads during market announcements, guaranteed fills on both entry and exit orders, no deposit or withdrawal fees and negative balance protection for traders on MT4. easyMarkets directly states that its margin policy eliminates any possibility of a negative account balance guaranteeing that client’s risk is limited to only the funds he has allocated.

Payment structure for referrers

As for their introducers, easyMarkets offers this structure:

CPA per Country – for online Affiliate program
CPA with Revenue Share – for online Affiliates and Introducing brokers
CPA based on first deposit – for Introducing brokers
Lot/Pip Rebate – for Introducing brokers
Customized commission schemes
2nd Tier Partner Program – 10% from all your referred partner activities – for online Affiliates and easyMarkets Introducing brokers

CPA (means Cost per activation plan) – you get earnings for confirmed clients. They are validated by trading activity or by their deposits. easyMarkets offers $5 – $50 per lot (revenue share) or $200 – $400 (CPA). They also offer earnings calculator so you can set your own figures and finds out how much you could earn. You are paid 15 working days after the previous month. For all referred clients you bring in one month that trade, you will receive commissions around 15th of the next month.

How to become easyMarkets affiliate (or IB)

Their registration process for easyMarkets affiliate program is quite straight and simple. They do not require any special documents or scanned ID’s. Just fill in the form, sign it and send it by email. Here is the registration link for their partners. They will try to reach you on your mobile phone to ask some KYC questions, but you can also arrange all the necessary details by email.

Anyway, there is a stumbling-block in their Terms and conditions. If you fail to produce minimum 3 new clients each quarter during a consecutive period of 90 days, the payments to referrer may be suspended by easyMarkets until such time that referrer is again producing new clients. In the event that referrer fails to produce new clients during a consecutive period of 120 calendar days, the agreement between introducer and easyMarkets broker may be terminated. So far we did not have such experience, but the words “may be” are a bit dusturbing.

easyMarkets promotional tools

The reports for easyMarkets affiliates and IB’s are available through a special web-site. This is how the Main table looks like

easymarkets affiliate program reports

easymarkets affiliate program media gallery

They offer many promotional materials for the referrers. You will find them in the “Marketing tab”. Media gallery is placed on the left side, split into several sections (logos, videos, banners etc.). At this moment there are around 500 various banners, links and other promotional materials. You can choose from various sizes, campaigns, landing pages, languages or banner themes. We attach a screenshot of their media gallery.

When a visitor (potential client, your referral) clicks on a media (e.g. banner or link) that has your easyMarkets affiliate unique link a cookie is placed on his browser. Maybe he does not sign up right away and navigate away from the page but if he comes back to easyMarkets to sign up as a new client, he is still identified as your referral. The important thing is that the cookie is in place for 30 days.

easyMarkets payments to Referrers

The payment threshold to easyMarkets introducers is set to 250 USD on monthly performance. If such amount is not achieved within a month, any amount reached within that month shall be rolled over to the following month until the minimum commission amount (i.e. 250 USD) is met.

Once you reach the minimum payment threshold you have 3 main options how to get paid – Bank wire, Skrill or their trader’s account.

Here you can read the whole document about easyMarkets terms and conditions for their referrers. And here are the easyMarkets commisions their pay to their easyMarkets introducing brokers.

Conclusion for easyForex affiliate program: We have signed up to their program a couple of years ago and so far so good. RECOMMENDED

Do you have any positive or negative experience with easyMarkets affiliate program? Do you have any compliments or complaints? Let us know in the comments below and rate the broker.

easyMarkets affiliate program review


Quality and reputation


Terms and registration


Promotional materials


Tracking and statistics


Payments and reliability



  • Easy to open Affiliate account
  • Many banners and affiliate links
  • They also offer sub-affiliate program
  • Competitive commisions to their refferers
  • Broker regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission


  • Payment threshold 250 USD and higher
  • Just basic payment options - bank wire, Skrill or trading account. No PayPal offered
  • As a referrer you are supposed to produce 3 new referrals (clients) each quarter
  • Cookie is in place for 30 days