Dukascopy affiliate program review

dukascopy affiliate program recommended

Dukascopy Bank SA is an ECN Swiss broker, offering some of the most competitive spreads in the Forex industry. Dukascopy Bank is regulated by FINMA. Deposits are protected by Swiss government in the amount of CHF 100,000 for each client. This is a very reliable broker so what exactly can you expect if you decide to become a Dukascopy affiliate? Well, their program for Introducing brokers is called “Business introducer program“. As they state, the program is both – for individuals as well as companies to receive a commission for referring clients to Dukascopy Bank SA or Dukascopy Europe (an EU subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA).

Dukascopy services and Affiliate earnings

Dukascopy offers Forex trading, CFD and Binary options.
By FX or CFD trading you can earn up to 50 % of commissions generated by your referred clients. By Binary options you can choose one-off payment per every referred client who started trading or remuneration based on the contract volume of the clients referred by Dukascopy affiliate. Anyway, your earning will be paid to your bank account. They do not offer any Paypal, Skrill, Neteller etc. payment option. Moreover, you would need to earn at least 1,000 USD to get paid (no smaller payments).

As a Dukascopy affiliate, you can offer 20 % commission discount to the clients referred by you. In that case you will share your Introducer’s remuneration with clients, as a commission discount and Dukascopy Bank will directly credit clients with such commission reimbursement, for the first month of trading.

Dukascopy Bank SA provides sevices also under their subsidiary – Dukascopy Europe. Anyway, there are some differences between them. The process of opening an account with the second one is a bit simplified. DC Europe requires minimum deposits of 100 USD (for your referrals), simplified procedure of account opening and extended leverage of 1:300. Dukascopy Bank SA requires a minimum deposit of 5,000 USD. They offer a leverage ratio up to 1:200 during business days and 1:60 during weekends, holidays or market off time.

How to become a Dukascopy affiliate

In order to become a Dukascopy introducing broker, you need to go through three steps:

1. Fill in the registration form to Dukascopy affiliate program. This is mostly about your personal details and about the way you want to refer clients to them (e.g. your website). Once you fill in the form, they will send some documents to your email. You have to fill in all the necessary columns – your name, address, banking account – sign it, scan it and send it back. DC also requires scan of your ID (can be B&W scan with some details blacked out) and proof of your address (e.g. electricity bill or bank statement) not older than 3 months.

2. Receive the unique BI-ID (Business Introducer Identification Data), also called as IA ID. This code is used by their system in order to identify clients IB has referred to the broker. Dukascopy introducing broker has to mention the code in the referral links used by his contacts. Alternatively, he can simply ask his clients to mention the BI-ID when they register to open an account.

3. Get access to BI web-entry. This web-entry provides Dukascopy introducing brokers with statistics and reports about their activity as an Introducer. So you will be able to follow your income (from the commissions). Moreover, you can find there different promotional tools e.g. banners or various widgets.

Dukascopy screening process and acceptance

Receiving the BI-ID and getting access to the BI Web Entry DOES NOT mean that IB has already been accepted by Dukascopy Bank as a Business Introducer. It is just information that the screening process has started. So far you are just an applicant. Since Dukascopy Bank cannot guarantee that applicant will be finally accepted, all the applicants are advised not to introduce any clients or to promise any commission rebates until Dukascopy Bank confirms they have been accepted as a Business Introducer.

Beware, Dukascopy Bank will conduct a quite strict screening process in order to ascertain whether they can enter into a business relation with a certain individual or corporation. Be prepared for them calling you and ask you some KYC questions. In addition, specific restrictions for Dukascopy affiliates may apply in some jurisdictions.

Promotional tools for Dukascopy affiliates

The promotional tools provided by Dukascopy Bank are quite interesting. There are:
– online charts,
– Dukascopy TV,
– online news,
– daily highs and lows,
– technical indicators,
– live quotes.

Here you can find most of their trading tools and promotional materials
If you have live trading platform, you can earn up to 100 USD by reffering your friend to them as their new client (the program is called “Refer your friend”). On the other side, there is not many banners and they are made just in English. They also do not offer any sub-affiliate banners.

How to refer new clients

In order to identify clients referred by you, a direct link from your web page should be used mentioning your IA ID (IB-ID). Your IA ID looks like this: “Your IA ID is 2509”. You can find it in your IB web-entry. Then you have to insert it in any address you refer to. For example, if you want to refer a link to DC Homepage, it would look like this: https://www.dukascopy.com/?ibref=2509

Dukascopy Bank does not provide MT4 platform, so if you want to refer your clients directly to the DC trading platform (which is called JForex), it would look following: https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/forex/jforex/?ibref=2509

Here you can find the Terms and conditions for Dukascopy affiliate program and Terms and conditions for Dukascopy Europe affiliate program. One of the important terms you should notice: “The Introducer shall not refer to Dukascopy Bank prospective clients residing in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, United States of America or North Korea.”

Do you have any positive or negative experience with Dukascopy affiliate program? Do you have any compliments or complaints? Let us know in the comments below and rate the broker.

Dukascopy affiliate program review


Quality and reputation


Terms and registration


Promotional materials


Tracking and statistics


Payments and reliability



  • Excellent and reliable ECN Swiss broker
  • You can offer 20 % commission discount to the clients (for the first month)
  • Various promotional tools (TV, news, live quotes, economic calendar etc.)


  • Minimum deposit in the amount of USD 5,000 for your referals to open an account
  • The registration process for applicant IB is quite tough
  • The Web-entry backend for Dukascopy affiliates is poor, just basic information.
  • Banners only in English and no sub-affiliate promotional tools
  • Payment only to your bank account (and must be at least 1,000 USD)